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We put a twist on all things sweet.

When we first started out in 2013 in Singapore, we set forth for SUCRE, which means ‘Sugar’ in French, to create a gourmet truffle that proffers a new perspective; a traditional pastry that is inspired by the Southeast Asian pineapple tart.

We’ve topped that – and done much more.

Two years on, on top of successfully launching our new range of gourmet truffles, we have created a range of unique Mid-Autumn Festival mooncakes and cookies à la française. Thanks to the heartening response from our clients, SUCRE has reaffirmed itself as an artisanal food purveyor, one that uses quality ingredients to create pastries and sweets which are all 100% made in Singapore.

And we are revving on full throttle.

We want to declare with our arms and hearts wide open: when we say we are dedicated to creating the ‘contemporary Singaporean pastry’, we want to do more than pleasure your palates – we want you to tuck into delicious pastries unwrapped from beautiful pieces of design packaging. Truly putting the twist on all things sweet. Lucy Pek
Founder, SUCRE