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SUCRE Tea: What in the world is a Story Blend?

SUCRE Teas: Story Blend

SUCRE Tea has various tea blends and tisanes, which have been placed into various categories. One of these is the Story Blends, which include Tinkerbell’s Kiss, Alice’s Looking Glass, and of course Enchanted Garden.

How did the Story Blend come about? Essentially, our Story Blends were created and crafted to “tell a story”, so to speak. It may sound a little abstract but really it’s not. When you savour a cup of tea of caffeine-free infusion, for instance, the flavours of the blend that you drink work their wonders on you.

How do SUCRE Tea Story Blends work?

Why don’t I put it this way instead: have you ever felt a particular way when you come across a particular smell or tasted something that immediately connects you to a place or a memory in your past? This is what we mean by the Story Blend. Each tea in SUCRE’s Story Blend has been crafted and created for this effect.

                 Let’s look at our Enchanted Garden, which is composed of black tea with highlight notes of Madagascar Vanilla and Pomegranate. In short, by smelling the aromas or sipping this SUCRE tea Story Blend, the whole process might evoke a memory in your life, take you on a ‘journey’, and re-express something personal for you, or remind you of a detail that you had missed out on or had not noticed before. This is a bit like taking a walk down memory lane to make you see and relook something that you experienced in the past. This is just one of the ways our Story Blends work.

                 I’ll leave you with a quote from a celebrated gardening author, Eliizabeth Lawrence.

              “There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colours are brighter, the air softer, and the morning more fragrant than ever again.” – Elizabeth Lawrence


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