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Weddings @ SUCRE: Ivory Wedding Tea

Whenever we whip out ‘Ivory Wedding’ tea to someone, we always get a befuddled expression.

To understand how one of our top-selling teas ended with its moniker ‘Ivory Wedding’, it’s important to go back to the fundamentals of this SUCRE gift tea: it is a tea that has been blended for celebrations and all festive occasions.


Ivory Wedding is one of the pioneering batch of gift teas: it was one of the six that we started with for the range of SUCRE gift teas. We wanted to create a special blend that is a tisane, also known as a caffeine-free infusion; a tisane that one would be able to prep the drinker to be on his or her tip-top form, or to be en forme, so to speak.


Everyone’s stressed out enough in Singapore and we don’t want whoever’s drinking Ivory Wedding to get even more stressed out in advance of their special day or event!


Our Ivory Wedding was conceived out of the aspiration to let its drinker be ‘rejuvenated’ for a particular festive occasion or even their special day, which of course, would ultimately be one’s wedding. In the end, we picked out a name which we believed would mark a very important day or momentous event for the drinker; it need not be a wedding but could be an anniversary or simply just a birthday where the drinker wants to look his or her best. And why ‘ivory’? Simply because we prefer the shade of ivory given that it’s warmer and has a more exquisite touch to the colour.


SUCRE’s Ivory Wedding tea is composed of citrus peel, hibiscus, lemongrass, mint, rose. Its headnote is a slightly sharp hibiscus that comes to the fore; what comes next are more soothing scents of rose, mint and a slightly smoky lemongrass. It is a slightly heady combination but its overall scent gradually sits more easily with you with every whiff you take. When it is brewed, the liquor of the tea is a reddish in colour and its taste is bright and refreshing. What’s so great about SUCRE’s Ivory Wedding is that this blend is not just high in Vitamin C but it helps detoxes the skin and clears the complexion; who wouldnt want to turn up at his or her special event or wedding looking his or her best?



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