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SUCRE Mooncakes 2018: To Durian or not to Durian


In 2017, during the Mid-Autumn festival, the mooncake market in Singapore saw an explosion of durian mooncakes. We were honestly surprised.

There were all kinds of durian mooncakes: snowskin, Maoshanwang, D24, D13, etc.

For SUCRE, it was the first year that we made our foray into durian mooncakes, which were very well received by our customers. For 2017, we launched the SUCRE Mao Shan Wang snowskin, which was a deliciously bittersweet burst of durian flavour. The other SUCRE durian snowskin mooncake was the D24 Royale, a creamy and buttery durian paste that is wrapped in the most aromatic Pandan snowskin. Both of these SUCRE snowskin flavours were sold out before we had finished our run of the mooncake season last year.


Whilst we did well for 2017, the market’s performance did get us thinking about what kinds of SUCRE mooncakes we would be launching this year, in particular durian mooncakes.

For us at SUCRE, we’ve always pride ourselves as a creator of new and unique artisanal foods, which is why we’ve consistently placed quality as one of the foremost considerations when we create our designs: whether it’s design packaging or simply our artisanal produce.

For us, product differentiation is also key with respect to flavours: The huge number of mooncake producers jumping onto the durian mooncake bandwagon means that we’re going to have to relook how we can create new and better durian mooncakes that can be well differentiated from those out there in the market. There would be questions that our pastry chefs looked into: for instance, what kinds of durians are we going to use this year to stand out from the market? Can we create a new melange or mix of durian ingredients that will be even more aromatic and tasty? Or simply how do we create a durian mooncake that can withstand the kind of humidity and heat in Singapore so that consumers can be assured that when they buy our SUCRE durian mooncakes they would be able to last longer when they make their purchases at the mall and have time to do their shopping after.

And of course it is important that SUCRE wants its customers to realise that when they buy a SUCRE durian mooncake, they won’t be able to find it anywhere on the market. It is always with this mindset that the team at SUCRE bears in mind when creating the new mooncakes that we would launch for any year.


So, after the long stretch of months and months of planning and testing and sampling, to answer the question: SUCRE will be launching another durian flavour. We decided to do that for various reasons. One of them is that we’d received lots of feedback from our Singaporean customers – as well as our other Southeast Asian customers, in particular the mainland Chinese – that they wanted us to continue creating the durian mooncakes as part of our staple mooncakes each year. Therefore in this respect, our SUCRE durian mooncakes isn’t just going to be a ‘gimmicky’ element but an integral part of the mooncake product range.

The other reason why we’re also continuing with our SUCRE durian mooncakes is that the durian flavour is an integral part of our Singaporean and Southeast Asian culture, which is an aspect that we want to continue to highlight and ‘pay homage’ to, so to speak: in particular the Straits Chinese or Peranakan / Nonya culture. We’ve always highlighted this side of our SUCRE oeuvre, which is clearly evident in our artisanal foods and flavours, including our SUCRE designs and packaging!

This year, our SUCRE durian mooncake will be in the form of a traditional baked mooncake. We’ll unveil more details in the weeks to come!

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