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MidAutumn Festival 2018: SUCRE Mooncakes and the Sweet Reunion 甜聚


Do you know what the Mandarin words inscribed on SUCRE mooncakes mean? ‘甜’ means sweet while ‘聚’ refers to reunion. Indeed, these two Mandarin words when placed together, aspire to bring home your loved ones and family during the MidAutumn Festival each year.

This year, the annual Mid-Autumn Festival takes place on 24 September but hey, it’s never too early to exalt the joys of the mooncake; for those who are new to mooncakes, they’re a huge part of this very important cultural festival in Asia. Mooncakes, which are the pastries baked in celebration of the traditional Chinese harvesting season in Autumn, are today ubiquitous at this time of the year. And of course, mooncakes are also one of the mainstays of SUCRE given that it specialises in gift teas and artisanal foods.


One of the things that we take pride most about our artisanal foods, in particular the mooncakes, is that all our mooncakes are made in Singapore. SUCRE Singapore has been established for about 5 years now and the team always makes it a point conjure up new interesting artisanal flavours; we don’t just want to bake mooncakes, we want to create new ones that explode with flavour.

Of course, that’s easy to say; a lot of work goes into the MidAutumn festival: we need to figure out lots of things, of which one of the most important is finding out which new mooncake flavours work and which don’t. We’re not going to just find the weirdest concoctions and combinations and slap them together (we think about the poor tastebuds of our customers who have been subjected to the funniest combos out there in recent years during the mooncake fest).

Back to the MidAutumn festival 2018, this year, given that we’re a traditional baked mooncake specialist, the team at SUCRE Singapore is letting its baked SUCRE mooncakes take centrestage in 2018’s mooncake festival.

In due course. We’ll drop more details on what these new SUCRE mooncake flavours are in a bit. Stay tuned.


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