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5 tips on how to personalise your Christmas Gift Set


Christmas 2018 is not too far off which gives you some time for you to think about how you would like to gift your loved ones and clients if you’re planning to do so. Let’s say that you’re tired of buying a cookie-cutter gift set year after year. This year, maybe you would like to do something different. Instead of having a hamper of pretty nice things with many items you may not need or even like, perhaps it’s time to make a change.

So what do you do? Customise of course. Customising lets you create your very own gift set. What’s so great about it is that it lets you create presents that best represents you.

Now let’s get started!


Think about what kind of message you want to convey with this gift set. Do you want it to be a set that contains only food? By foods, there are also different kinds. For example, your SUCRE Christmas gift set could comprise different kinds of cookies (butter melt vs cookie crunch) in different sizes or a mix of cookies and tea.

Another thing to bear in mind is: how you mix and match the items in your Christmas gift set will convey a particular ‘feel’ or theme. For example:  a cookies-and-tea set could convey ‘High Tea’ gift set. As opposed to a gift set of cookies, tea, wines and chocolates that’s more of ‘Gourmand’. So give it some thought.

                                                             (above) SUCRE Little Red Box that lets you mix and match 2 cookies, 2 teas, or a cookie and a tea.


Your budget is one of the most important things before you begin creating a gift set. It helps you to decide which items to put inside in the gift set.

A bigger budget gives you flexibility to choose more items: for example, SUCRE’s 180$ gift set has a mix of items from every product category available at SUCRE: chocolates, cookies, teas, wines, and so forth.

A smaller budget might mean fewer items in your gift set. That said, it does not mean that your Christmas gift set will be any less meaningful. It’s always about the thought that counts and and how you present it. For instance, a simple pairing of Double Chocolate butter melts and Rose Oolong gift tea in a SUCRE Little Red Box makes an elegant gift that conveys affection and love.

                                                                                                                  above: SUCRE Mademoiselle Gift Box


The kind of box that you pick is key to creating the look of the gift set. A larger gift box may not necessarily always be better. Our SUCRE Mademoiselle Gift Box might be more appropriate for your client if you decide to present him or her with an elegant gift without coming across as extravagant.

SUCRE Gift Tea Discovery Sets are available in 5-tea or 8-tea sets, allowing you to mix and match SUCRE gift teas of your own choice.

The SUCRE Little Red Box is also another versatile option for those who would like to send their loved ones and friends a gift in a handy size. Don’t forget neither the SUCRE Gift Tea Discovery Sets, which come in 5-tea or 8-tea sets: these two gift tea samples pack a lot of gifting punch in a lovely box.

And finally for those who would like to gift a top-of-the-line luxury gift set, they can pick our SUCRE Traveller Gift Set. This uber-posh gift set lets you create your very own assortment of Christmas artisanal foods and wines.


One of the best things about personalising gift sets is that if you don’t fancy any item at all, you can replace them with something else. A common question we get from SUCRE customers is: can we get another one of the same item? Of course! That’s what personalisation is all about.

For example, SUCRE’s $80 Christmas Gift Set includes A SUCRE Discovery 5-tea Gift Sampler Set, chocolate waffles, a 360g of cookie, a 140g mini jar of cookie, and a 30g tea caddy. If you prefer to replace the chocolate waffles with our SUCRE chocolate bar, we would be happy to make the change.

Or if you prefer to replace the mini cookie jar with another choice of 30g tea caddy, we’d be happy to do so.


Whatever you do, never forget a gift card. A gift card is a must: it lets you craft your message for the occasion and puts a finishing touch to your present.

Enjoy gifting this coming festive season!


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